Freelance Content Editor

January 18, 2019

Job Description

The Content Company is looking for highly dedicated Freelance Content Editor to join our team.

This position is well off the beaten path in terms of skill-set and personality type. We pay a flat-fee rate per piece of content that is in line with industry standards. An average size is 500 word blog post. We pay $5.00 CDN for that length and go up from there. On average, our editors will edit 4-6 pieces per hour.

Here’s a general overview of what the job entails:

  • Receiving content orders from your reporting Account Manager
  • Editing with perfect accuracy various writing projects
  • Delivering the finished projects to your Account Manager for delivery to the client
  • Uploading the finished pieces to a shared folder for the client

Our ideal candidate will have these personality traits:

  • Slightly split personality that hovers between introversion and extroversion
  • A laser-focused attention to detail
  • Ability and willingness to sit for long periods editing content
  • Ability to manage a team of remote writers (based all over North America)
  • You aren't stressed out by the fact that you may be knee deep in editing for several hours at a time

Our ideal candidate will have these professional traits:

  • Experience working in a home office environment
  • Experience in content editing and/or content writing
  • A working knowledge of online marketing, SEO and traditional copywriting
  • A working knowledge of the inbound marketing process

Our Culture:

  • We don't bullshit, we say it like it is
  • We care immensely about our clients, they come first
  • We are pretty easy going, but also have very high standards!
  • We like to have fun
  • Our business is NOT a 9-5, sometimes you need to be ok with that

Did we mention it can get monotonous?

Here’s where we try and dissuade anyone not suited for the position. This job is not a nice, balanced 50/50 split of personality and professional traits. Sometimes, an entire week may go by where you don't even know what season it is outside because you've been chained to your laptop...just kidding, sort of;). Editing is the only job you do (and by edit we mean read every single word of every single page). There are no shortcuts at The Content Company.

That being said…The Content Company is quickly becoming one of the go-to content providers in North America, and working with us will be a fun and rewarding experience. If you think you can deliver the goods on a regular basis (that means every single day) send us a resume and a real cover letter that says a little about who you are, and we can go from there.

Form cover letters are boring and we don’t like working with boring people :)

Send a resume to if you want to be a part of The Content Company!