5 Qualities to Look for When Searching for a Blog Writing Service

March 01, 2018

If you are a company that produces a decent amount of content each month, or a digital agency that has multiple clients to service, you have likely considered outsourcing to a blog writing service. You may be using one already.

As the role of regularly produced content has increased and become so prominent in online rankings and marketing, more and more vendors have entered the marketplace. This is an inevitable part of business, but it also leaves you with the unenviable task of sifting through the heap and finding the ideal blog writers for your needs.

We’ve created a list of five qualities to look for when searching for a blog writing service, and no, you won’t find “producing high quality content” on the list. High quality work that’s written to the title is a given, and if it’s not part of the package, then move on and look elsewhere.

This list includes some of the intangibles you may not have considered that will help propel your business or your client’s business to the next level, and make your life a whole lot easier in the process. Here they are in no particular order: 

1 – Human Editors

Yes, there are quite a few different automated grammar and spelling checkers out there, and some of them are even useful. However, if the blog writing company you choose doesn’t have a set of human eyes going over each and every post, the quality will suffer.

The “premium” grammar checkers out there are great for the standard stuff, but they can’t seem to grasp context. Not all the time, but enough of the time that the quality of your content will suffer if you rely on them without human editors. At The Content Company, we like to utilize a couple different automated services, and then have a human give it a once-over just to be sure. 

2 – A Manageable Writing Team

I always find it strange when content writing providers brag about having thousands and thousands of writers available to write your blogs. Obviously, those writers are not in-house, and more than likely, they are loosely managed at best.

Whether in-house or freelance (ours are freelance), it makes sense to trust a blog writing service that has a team of writers they can closely manage through each step of the process. When you can develop relationships with writers they feel more like part of the team, and they will always go the extra mile and not just be looking out for themselves in every project.

3 – An Efficient Process

Ahhhh…the process. To say that some blog writing companies have created an unnecessarily complex process would be a massive understatement. And by process, I mean receiving orders, assigning to writers, ease of delivery, meeting deadlines, revisions, invoicing; the whole damn thing. As a client, you want efficiency so you can focus on other aspects of the marketing, without having to give a second thought to the blog posts. A smooth, efficient content process will enhance your overall experience, and help you do your job better.

4 – A Strong Reputation

While it is true that new blog writing companies aren’t going to have a solid reputation in the industry just yet, there is still something to be said for finding one that does. People love giving opinions both good and bad, so if the blog writing service you’re considering has great reviews and a strong reputation, you should probably give them a try.

When you consider all of the ways it’s possible to screw up content writing, seeing a company with a good reputation means they been able to produce over and over again. And this is precisely what you need if you are following best content practices and producing regular blog posts. 

5 - Consistency

This leads to the final quality, which is consistency. The ability to put it all together and give you a memorable experience again and again and again, as if on autopilot. The best blog writing companies provide the high quality content you need through a proven and efficient process, and they manage to do it with every single order.

Honorable Mentions

Naturally, these five qualities aren’t the only qualities you should look for, so here are a few others to keep in mind:

Affordable – yes, price should be a factor when looking for a blog writing service. However, if you place it near the top of the priority list and go bargain hunting, you will usually get what you pay for.

Easy to Reach – being able to get in touch with someone when you have a question or concern is comforting. So many content providers these days are fully automated, with no way to speak to a real person. We’re always available.

Flexible – being able to change on the fly when the parameters of a project change is a useful trait.

Versatile – being able to write intelligently about a range of different topics across multiple industries sets the very best blog writing companies apart.

If you can find a blog writing service with these qualities, you’re well on your way to producing consistently high quality content that gets results. And, yes, we do possess all of the characteristics mentioned in the post; in case you were wondering.

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