How Often Should you Redesign your Company’s Website?

June 17, 2019

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Many business owners in Tampa do not realize that websites require constant maintenance, and a fresh look every few years. Redesigning pages often goes overlooked as the business itself becomes the priority, but with a web design company, your online presence gets a face-lift while you focus on your services.

What is the Magic Number?

Six months, three years, weekly—how often should you redesign your site? Unfortunately, no matter how hard you search, you will not find a magic number. There is no exact length of time a website’s look should last. That is not to say you should never change your website, or change it constantly. It means you should not feel pressured to make updates when online traffic numbers and your goals are being met. When you hire a Tampa web design company, their team of specialists monitors the performance of your online page to determine when updates and revamps are necessary.

Reasons to Redesign your Site

Since there is no magic number to go by, it is vital you or the Tampa web design company you hire to pay attention to certain aspects of your page as well as the updates in your industry. These details will help you decide when you need to change.

Pay attention to technology as it grows and integrate new features into your site. Also, if you notice page traffic is decreasing, it is time to revamp. Stay relevant by meeting the demands of your industry through your webpage. Finally, if your web goals are not being met, whether that means you are not receiving enough form submissions or do not make enough profit through your webpage, call a local web design company to assist you with a new look.

Optimize your Online Presence

If you are struggling to find your site through an internet search, it is time to make some changes. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, increases the chances of your page ranking high during an online search, meaning people are more likely to find your site. Through a variety of processes, such as correcting technical issues, your website becomes optimized, making it easier for consumers to find. An experienced web design company in Tampa understands the methods and algorithms involved in SEO and keep up to date on these trends to keep you relevant.

Boost your Site for Tampa Consumers

When you are ready to give your site a new look, it is crucial you keep your customers in mind. Your online presence should indeed reflect your business’s style, but when designing your web page, it is vital to consider those who use your site. Being conscious of your customer means making your webpage easily navigable, choosing a tasteful color palette, and selecting legible fonts. Also, create clear call-to-actions and ensure you offer a mobile-friendly option. Many people get overwhelmed trying to balance their desires with their customers’ needs. Hiring a web design company to assist you takes away the stress, as a team of Tampa professionals incorporates user-friendly features with your ideas to create a page everyone will enjoy.

For a Top-Notch Web Design Company, Trust Strategic Media

At Strategic, we put our clients first. We understand your Tampa business is unique and requires personal attention create the online presence you dream of. Our team of experts works diligently to keep sites up to date with techniques that promote SEO and page traffic. When customers visit your online page, we want them to learn about your business and get a taste of your corporate culture. For more information on giving your online presence a boost, visit us online or call us at (727) 531-7622.



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