How To Burn Your Boat (dropping an F bomb)

April 05, 2017

I normally like to talk (write) about Account Management, it comes easily to me and it’s an important topic for all us agency people.

I also feel like I know a thing or two about being a entrepreneur….well, maybe closer to “a thing”.  In any event, I want to share something that has sort of kick my ass into high gear the past week.

“If you want to take the fucking island, you have to burn your fucking boats” Tony Robbins.

This one phrase alone woke me up this week. I am always pretty aggressive in my pursuit to grow The Content Company, but for some reason, this one clip gave me more energy than I have had in a while.

If anyone wants to do anything, it comes down to burning that boat. 

My “boat” was back almost 2 years ago. We were still in our first year and I was nervous, I knew we were the best at what we did, but I was still nervous about how the rest of the world would feel.  I used to say (in my own head), “If this doesn’t work, I can always go back to agency life”.  It was my fall back.  I knew that I could find something quick and for decent money.  I also knew I would hate it.  I loved my past jobs for the most part, but the thought of going back to someone else’s dream is what would make me hate it. 

Still, I kept that in the back of my mind for a while. 

Then, one day, I simply said that I it was no longer an option for me to work for anyone else ever again.  I burned the boat in my mind.

So, fast forward 2 plus years later and I found myself responding to this again.

It’s not really about burning the boat again in that same way, it’s more about not letting my fear get in my way again.  We are growing fast, it’s inevitable. Agencies need good content.  Companies need good content, growth is just part of that. The part that I haven’t been as good about, is keeping the focus on the bigger picture of our company.  You sometimes get caught up in “Working IN your business and not working ON your business”, this was me.  We have a great little team around us, but it still requires management, obviously. For me, burning the boat means delegating and  working on furthering the big vision for The Content Company…total global domination ;).

I have listen to that clip a bunch of times, it speaks to me loud and clear.  So much so, that I will be attending the Business Mastery Program early next year.

Hope you burn your f-ing boat too!

Until next time,


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