How to Find Compelling Blog Topics for Your SEO Clients

April 05, 2017

Trying to find interesting, relevant, useful and new blog topics for your SEO clients every month can be grueling as time wears on. Whether your clients post weekly, daily or in some variation of the two, it’s important to maximize your SEO potential and attract prospective customers at the same time.

Here are a few tips for coming up with blog topics that will make the process go much smoother.

Create a Client Questionnaire

Sometimes, you can get several months’ worth of SEO blog topics by sending your client a simple questionnaire. This will help you discover a wide range of keywords to optimize, figure out why they want to be found online, who they want to find them and their goals for the future. Ask as many questions as you find necessary and feel free to dig deep; you’re going to be helping them out, after all. 

Vary the Format

Mixing up the blog format to include video posts and infographics in addition to standard text posts will also help you come up with more topics. Videos can help with branding and provide a more engaging style of post, and infographics are great for stats, facts and figures. 

Create a Series

When creating blogs for SEO, a series can give you several posts’ worth of valuable content. One popular type of blog series is the versus concept. Air Travel vs. Driving; Long Sentences vs. Shorter Sentences; Regular Coffee vs. Decaf.

You can also take one element of your client’s business and create a series around each specific factor. If they sell a range of different boat motors, break them into horsepower and write a continuing series about each one.

Content Curation

Some people think of content curation as simply using other people’s posts on your website, and while that’s accurate to an extent, there’s more to it for SEO purposes. You can collect a range of content about a specific topic and organize it into one multi-informational post; you can create an original point of view based on several pieces of content; you can lay out a range of content based on a specific timeline. There are several ways to do it, and it is a valuable tool to have in your blog topic arsenal. 

Interview an Authority in the Industry

Interviews with authority figures in your clients’ industry can work well for SEO purposes. In all likelihood, your client will do the interview, but you can help guide the process so all the right questions are answered. You may have to include a link back to the expert’s site, but that’s a small price to pay for having powerful content on the blog.

If you’ve been having trouble coming up with interesting blog topics month after month, why not leave it in the hands of a company that has produced over 10,000 pieces or original content to date? Call The Content Company today at 888.221.5041 for all your content creation needs.

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