The Difference Between Filling Space and Writing High-Quality Content

April 04, 2017

It’s not like we are going to start complaining about the prevalence of online content providers and how important content has become to your online marketing efforts. That would be kooky talk.

However, there sure seems to be a lot of fluffy garbage floating around, don’t you think? It seems that whenever there is a new shiny thing out there that gets results, everyone wants to grab hold and start doing it, even if they have no business being part of the game.

The time for questioning the need for high-quality content on your website, blogs, landing pages, social media campaigns and online videos has come and gone. You need it, and you need it regularly…that kind of reminds me of…nevermind…

So, you know you need to have content on every online platform, but where many people and businesses get tripped up is on the “quality” part. Adding content for the sake of adding content is just filling in blank spaces, and that is not going to get you the results you need from your content marketing.

Read on to discover the differences between simply filling space with a bunch of crap, and creating high-quality content that will help establish your business as an authority in your industry. 

Quality Content Is Useful & Relevant

By now, you’ve likely heard that you need relevant and useful content on your website, blog, etc. The question you should ask before polluting the internet with even more junk, is “useful and relevant to whom?” Many blog posts, videos, and even web pages seem more like an advertisement for your products and services than anything else.

The “useful and relevant” recommendation as it relates to your content refers to prospective customers, clients, or patients. It must be useful and relevant to them, not just to you. If you are stuck on who your prospects are, just think of it as the people you want to pay money for your products or services. Picture them in your mind….now, create content that is useful and relevant to them.

Content that answers their questions, calms their fears, bolsters their beliefs and guides them right to your doorstep.

Which of the following seems like a useful and relevant blog title for a chiropractor:

“Why XYZ Chiropractic Is Your Best Choice for Quality Care” or
“5 Expert Tips to Help Reduce Back Pain You Can Use Today”

One post is probably a thinly veiled promotion for that particular chiropractic office, and the other offers relief from the very problems those chiropractic patients suffer from each and every day. When you stop talking about yourself and start focusing on your prospects and customers, you’re on the road to useful and relevant content creation.

Btw…another tactic to keep your useful and relevant content out there circulating longer so you can get the most mileage from each piece is to focus more on Evergreen and less on Topical. You can learn more about that HERE. 

Quality Content is Engaging

Now that you have discovered how to stop filling space and to start populating our lovely internet with useful information, you still need to get the attention of your prospects. Quality content isn’t just useful and relevant, but it is also engaging. When it comes to online video, you can use that soothing tone of voice, winning smile and twinkle in your eye to help engage viewers, but for standard blog posts, you’ll need some tried and true content writing engagement tactics.

It’s important to grab your reader right from the get-go with an engaging headline, then continue as if you are speaking directly to her through the rest of the post. Even though you aren’t right there in front of her, she feels as though you are, and when combined with the useful content that has already captured her attention, you are reaching her on an intellectual and emotional level.

People First, or Search Engines First?

I could go on with a long winded explanation of the evolution of the internet and content marketing, but the answer is people…write for people first. Include your keywords in a seamless and natural way, but write content that appeals to real humans, and the search engines will reward you for it.

Are You Wasting Your Time?

The value of outsourcing is rarely more apparent than when it comes to high-quality content writing. So far, what we have noticed, is that most of the time, businesses should outsource their content to someone that does it for a living. 

I know how to use a screwdriver and a wrench, but I also know that if I try to DIY a clogged drain, there’s a good chance I will make a big mess and need to call in an expert anyway. We all learn how to read and write in elementary school, but that doesn’t mean you should be creating your own content to help grow your company and make more money.

Unfortunately, many business owners and marketing managers don’t see this, and they end up wasting a whole bunch of time just filling space, with little to no results. If you insist on creating your own content, I hope this post has helped, and feel free to visit our blog for more valuable tips. If you’d rather stick to what you know best, then give us a call today at 888.221.5041 and let’s get the process started.

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