Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Order and Delivery Process with Your Content Provider

April 05, 2017

As someone who orders content on a consistent basis, having a smooth process in place with your content provider is crucial. Much time can be lost when clients, agencies and content providers aren’t all in sync when it comes to projects, titles, requirements and expectations.

To keep the order and delivery process with your content provider as smooth as possible, follow these tips.

Get to Know Each Other

In the early stages of any relationship, it’s a good idea to take some time and get to know the other person / company. Knowing a bit about the people you’ll be dealing with on the other end will help you develop a rapport that will streamline the process moving forward. 

Give All You’ve Got 

One of the biggest issues from a content provider point of view is not being given enough information when the project is ordered. It doesn’t matter if it is a full website, a 20-page ebook or a 500-word blog post; if you have information that will enhance the finished product, pass it along.

And remember, it’s better to have too much than too little info. Writers can always disregard information they won’t need, but it’s not possible to include information they were never given in the first place.

Be Specific

Specificity is another important aspect of streamlining the order and delivery process with your content provider. Passing along as much info as possible is good, but remember to be specific with the information you provide. Open and clear communication is key here to avoid unnecessary revisions. When clients come back asking for specific information that a writer would never have included on his own, it muddles up the process.

Minimize Micromanagement

If you are an SEO Manager with a bunch of different clients, you can’t always control the micromanagers. However, you can take steps not to add to the problem, and you can speak to them regarding their penchant for making minor revisions that don’t change the overall meaning of the piece. Yes, it is their business and they are paying for content writing, but changing words or phrases just to say they changed something is usually a waste of everyone’s time. 

Create a System

When a relationship between a content provider and its clients is humming along efficiently there is usually a system in place that both parties find acceptable. Some prefer to place and receive orders via email, some like

Google Drive and some have their own custom dashboard. There is no correct system to use, but choosing one that appeals to both parties and creates an efficient workflow is the way to go.

At The Content Company, we take the delivery process almost as seriously as we take the consistent quality of our content. If you’re fed up with the way your current content provider is handling your orders, give us a call at 888.221.5041 and we will go over some new possibilities with you.

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