Trouble Focusing? Welcome to Life “Between the Lines”

June 28, 2017

If there is one thing that content providers, online marketers, SEO gurus, graphic designers and other people in the digital space universally struggle with, it is probably staying focused. There are an unlimited number of distractions out there, and no shortage of ADD diagnoses to keep our minds and eyes wandering when we should be concentrating on the task at hand.

If you fall into this category (you know you do), then you’ve probably tried a number of different tips and techniques to stay focused. Many even resort to medication to help keep their attention on what needs to get done. And while closing all your windows, putting your phone away and setting timers can certainly help, adopting a sports-minded approach may be what ultimately seals the deal.

What the Hell is Between the Lines?

The concept of between the lines comes from sports like baseball, football, basketball, or any other sport where there are lines that separate the playing surface from the rest of the world. When an athlete is “between the lines”, meaning he steps over that boundary and onto the playing field or court, he is laser focused and has only one thing in mind, and that is winning.

Any Profession and Any Sport

Using a between the lines mentality can work for any profession, not just content creating or digital marketing. And, you can relate it to any sport that makes sense for you. Whether it’s a female golfer, a towering offensive lineman, a swimmer, volleyball player, weightlifter or cyclist, once they get into their zone of competition, they are locked in, and there is no such thing as a distraction. 

Not an Athlete? Time to Observe and Learn

If you are not the athletic type, you can still benefit from this concept. Just watch an athlete, any athlete, while they are “between the lines”. If you need actual physical lines to make the connection, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and volleyball players work well. But it doesn’t really matter. Even a professional wrestler will get into character and focus when they walk through the curtain. Just watch their body language and how it changes when they step onto the field of play.

Finding Your Lines

Since most of us are involved in a profession that is quite far away from the professional sports world, we need to define our own lines, so we know when we are between them. Yours may be slipping on a work uniform, flipping on your computer in the morning, opening the document you need to work on, reading through a purchase order or receiving guidelines for a specific job.

Whatever it happens to be, practice getting your “game face” on and thinking like an athlete when you step between the lines. Narrow your focus and learn to keep it until you are finished what you are doing. Envision your favorite sport, and how you would act when getting down to business.

You can still use timers and other accessories and tips to stay focused, but once you employ a “between the lines” mentality to your work, you will be more productive and won’t find yourself chasing pretty butterflies when you should be working.

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