What Is The Value Of Strategic Partnerships?

April 13, 2016

When you are a start-up, which we still are, building partnerships can be a big step in growth. It can be a blessing and in some cases even a bit of a gong show.

We have been lucky to have experiences, good and not so good, that have helped us get to where we are today.

You Can't Please Everyone...

We’ve recently decided to create some strategic partnerships with a select few of our clients. We are a straight up content creation company, we will always stick to this type of business model.

I’m sure there are people, business people, who would say we could expand our offering to include strategy. I’m sure there are people who would say we are nuts for not offering content marketing as a whole, but those people would be dead wrong.

Why? Because, there are already many many other companies doing just that and kicking ass at it, why would we ever want to start competing for that market now? Short answer is we just don’t want to.

So how does a strategic partnership work within our organization?

Well, we have just started to build that out and so far, we think it’s going to be amazing.For us, we see the immense value in building these relationships with our clients because they offer something we don’t and never will.

We get calls from clients who are just not ready for The Content Company as it’s meant to be engaged with. They maybe new to business or don’t fully understand why they even need content yet, but we want to be able to give them some kind of guidance, a direction to go in to get them to the point where they can use our service.

Our Strategic Partnerships will include our agency partners who are able to facilitate the needs of our clients where we cannot. If they sign with one of our partners, then we get to write the content for them which is why they came to us in the first place.

It’s by design that we work with SEO companies and Digital Inbound Agencies, but we are still entrepreneurs at heart and with that, want to help our fellow entrepreneurs where we can. Creating these strategic partnerships means we get to do just that. 

So, if you are small business looking for someone to help you with building out your online marketing plan(s), keep your eyes peeled for our Strategic Partnership page coming soon. We have some amazing partners who are VERY skilled at growing your online presence.

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