What Makes the Best Content Writing Company and Why?

April 08, 2020

What Makes the Best Content Writing Company and Why?

What makes a good content writing company? The best content writing company is honest, dependable and consistent, meeting your needs with the fewest number of moving parts. Any good SEO expert or agency owner knows the value of finding the best content writing company possible for his or her clients.

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Even though this element of digital marketing is among the most important, it is still just one component and you need to be able to trust that the content delivered to you is exactly what you need. Here are some of the qualities you should be looking for:

Consistent Quality

High quality blog writing and web page writing starts and ends with consistency. Most agencies have had instances where they were never quite sure what they were going to get with each submission. One time, everything is ideal and the next, you need to make a multitude of revisions. Any content writing company can produce some winners here and there, but it is the ones that deliver over and over again that should be part of your digital marketing team.

A Streamlined Process

When there is a smooth, definitive process in place, you will have to think less about content creation and can focus more on the other needs of your clients. Signs of a streamlined process include:

  • The order process is the same every time.
  • The delivery and submission process is the same every time.
  • The delivery timeline is the same every time.


Remember that this is outsourcing, and just like any other service you’d outsource, from landscaping to office cleaning, the less you have to think about it the better.

Aligned Values

The best content writing company should have values that are in alignment with your own. This is the most efficient way to ensure your needs are met and you have a close, symbiotic relationship. No two agencies have exactly the same values, but some of the areas you can look at when deciding if there is a good fit include:

Whether or not you can get in touch with real people when you want:

  • Attention to detail
  • Revision policies
  • Potential for expedited orders when needed
  • Whether you can have the same writer working on specific projects
  • Willingness to “bend the rules” from time to time

Competitive Pricing

When looking for a blog writing company, it’s common to check out the pricing first and then lean toward the one that will create your content for the least amount of money. There’s nothing wrong with saving on services, but keep in mind that cheap content is cheap for a reason. And that’s not to say you should go for the highest, either. Do your research and look for the ones that are in the middle of the road. You want to know they are paying for quality writers, but you also don’t want to be gouged for every penny.

The Best Content Writing Company

When you finally find that perfect fit, you could end up with a mutually beneficial business relationship that lasts for years. This is one area where it really does pay to look around and find a solution that works best for you and your clients. You can’t take so much time explaining the need for high quality content to your clients, only to turn around and skimp on the process of finding the right content provider.

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If you’d like to learn more about The Content Company, and find out if we’d be a good fit for your agency or your business, schedule a free consultation today.

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