When to Admit You Need a Professional Content Provider

May 12, 2017

I don’t have to start this post by going on about how all businesses need to produce regular content, do I? This is now just a way of life for any business that has a website and would like visitors to that website, leads, conversions, etc.

The issue comes during the creation of said content, because while everyone grasps the need, not everyone understands that content creation is an art form and industry unto itself. This is not just about slinging some words onto a screen and then uploading them to your website. Your expertise lies in the products and services your business provides, and just because you can put sentences together and write blog posts and web pages doesn’t mean you should.

Of course, that’s not to say that every business owner or entrepreneur should avoid writing his or her content. For many, it works out wonderfully, but for even more it ends up turning away more customers than it brings in. But how do you know?

You Don’t Have Enough Time to Post Regularly

Search engines love it when websites post relevant and high quality content on a regular basis. How often? At the very least, you should be posting new content weekly, but some businesses post daily, or even more than once a day. If you are busy actually running your business, adding content to your site moves lower and lower on the priority list until you may be lucky to post something once a month, or even less.

You are an Annoying Micromanager

You know better than anyone if you are a micromanager. Maybe you don’t like to admit it to anyone, but you know. I think it has to do with trust issues: “No one else can create my vision,” or “If I want it done right, I need to do it myself.” That sort of thing.

Not only are micromanagers ANNOYING AS HELL to employees, partners and colleagues, but they also end up hurting their content rather than helping. You don’t need to have your hand in every element of the business for it to be successful. No, stop right there! Get that smug look off your face…you don’t need to have your hand in every element of the business for it to be successful. Hand over your content writing to experts, and just watch what happens!

You’re Getting Negative Feedback

If you are receiving negative feedback from customers, prospective customers, friends, family or anyone for that matter, it is time to admit you need a professional content provider. Now, people may not come right out and say, “Hey, this content is f*&cking awful.” But the whole point of creating it is to educate, inspire, develop leads and move people further along in your sales funnel. If you are hearing rumblings that your words aren’t getting the job done, then take the hint and find out how you can create exceptional content on a consistent basis.  

Nothing but Crickets and Tumbleweed

Perhaps even worse than negative feedback is no feedback at all. If you are creating your own content and you don’t hear anything negative, you don’t hear anything positive, you get no signups, leads, conversions, or anything else, get out of there and let someone else do it. You may be missing the boat when it comes to engaging search engines, but even more likely, you are failing miserably when it comes to engaging the humans that are reading it. There is a formula, and if you don’t know it, you need help.

The Benefits of a Professional Content Provider

When you enlist the help of a professional content provider like The Content Company, you can put your content writing worries on the backburner and focus on what you do best. If you fall into the micromanager category (it’s ok to admit it), trust may be an issue, but we have developed a streamlined process that ensures you get what you need, month after month after month.

They say admitting you have an issue is always the first, most important step. Quit wasting time and make the decision to take things to the next level. Give us a call at 888-221-5041 to go over the possibilities.

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