Why People Don’t Care About Your Products

November 11, 2011

So, you have this really amazing product or this really amazing service idea right?

And you know that everyone just HAS to love it as much as you do right? Wrong.

I have seen hundreds of new business, old business, in between business fail with this mind set over and over again. 


It comes down to ego. We, by nature are ego maniacal, it’s hard to argue. We need to check ourselves every day to assess how big our ego is getting at any given time.

Our ego gets in our way all the time…even in, wait scratch that, especially in business!

When you don’t shelve the ego long enough to ask yourself, “What does my ideal customer want”, you always run the risk of losing that customer…even the long standing ones.

We are in competition with everything. Media, kids, work, health…people just don’t have the time or energy to care the way we do about our own products or services.

5 Reasons People Don’t Care About You?

 - They are in their own heads. “What do I make for dinner?”, “What time is that meeting?”, “What time is soccer?”

 - They see a thousand things every day that are new to them- People are inundated with massive amounts of media every minute, more than ever before, it’s hard to cut through the noise. 

 - They can’t afford it- Before they see the value, they make the judgement that they cannot afford it…a good marketing message shows the value far beyond the dollars.

 - Just because you think it’s great doesn’t mean anyone else does. Sometimes, what you have to sell or offer just isn’t the right thing at the right time. Being realistic about your product or service requires a very “non-ego” look at your business model. 

 - It’s been there done that. Maybe the market is saturated? Maybe there is no room for your version of your product? Time to put that ego on the shelf again and take another look.

So what is the solution? 

Get in the head of the person you want to buy into it. Simple. WIIFM- “What’s In It For Me?”. 

Answer that and you got ‘em. When you do that, you are just putting it out there, being honest about what you have and what your offer.

Then, it’s up to the prospect decide. They can figure it out in a way that works for them. There are no ego driven tricks to get them to want what you have.

This is me (product or service) take it or leave, we all know deep down when we want or need something, good marketing just makes it easy to commit that something. If it’s the wrong buyer for the product or service, you end up with a client or customer who is resentful. You’re better off selling the person who wants it and needs it. The only way to truly find that buyer is to get real about what you sell and lose the ego!

Cara McCarron
Director of Business Development

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