Why We Signed Up With Hubspot

August 18, 2015

 Yup, we did it, we signed up for Hubspot.

So we are a young start up…we love that about us. It means that we have all these crazy new marketing ideas we get to try out. We got to this point by simply calling our asses off to tons of potential clients. Yep, dialing for dollars as some of my colleagues in sales would have called it. I spent most of the first year of The Content Company on the phone or throwing emails out to the universe. Does it work? You bet it does…is it my favorite way to spend time? Nope. It is a necessary evil though, if you want to grow a company from the ground up that is.

So we are in our second year and I have been researching the crap out of our best options with our marketing dollars. 

Infusion soft, Marketo, and HubSpot have all crossed my desk. I have spent many many hours looking carefully at all of these options. What I have learned is that eventually you have to just pick one that you feel is your best bet. There is no magic check box that will give you an easy answer…you really just have to trust your instinct on which option is the best.

So that is what we have done.

Who did we choose? Hubspot of course…and we couldn’t be happier.

What Do We Hope to Gain?

Well, leads and clients of course! We, of all people, understand content. What we lack is a system that forces us to produce it regularly. Hubspot is such a platform. It only works if you engage and use the tools they provide, so we will engage in the platform or lose money every month…no one wants to lose money!

How Will We Know If it Worked?

We are committed to one year with Hubspot. In one year, we will know if it worked…if we have more clients, we will say it worked on one level. The kind of clients is equally important though. If we see that we have a bunch of clients ordering one piece of content every quarter, well, for our business model, we would consider that a bit of a fail. Quality and quantity is what we will measure. For The Content Company, awareness of our brand is important, but butts in the seats will win every time!

Hubspot is all about inbound marketing, leading your prospect down a road that is carved out for them. Content that is geared to where that person is at the time they are in it. It seems like a great way to ‘talk’ to our potential clients. Why? Because it cuts through the clutter. It’s closer to having a one on one with them than ever before and we LOVE that.

We will definitely be documenting our Hubspot journey including our time at this years #INBOUND15 conference in Boston. We are really excited to participate in the worlds largest conference of it’s kind.

Until next time,

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