Why You Need to Give as Much Attention to Your Body as You Do Your Business

February 20, 2018

By now, we’ve all heard the proclamation by many different health officials that excessive sitting is terrible for your health, or that it is the new smoking, etc. We did a post about it, which you can read here if you aren’t up to speed.

Aside from too much sitting, there are a lot of other ways entrepreneurs and those in the digital world sabotage their health and business on a daily basis. Yes, if you aren’t taking measures to stay healthy you are putting your business at risk…keep reading to find out how: 

Success Is Only Cool If You’re Alive

We all dream of big financial success and the perks that come along with it, but I guarantee you won’t enjoy a second of it if you are dead. Sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it? But keep in mind, all that sitting you’re doing, all those fast food dinners and lack of physical activity are taking a toll. Maybe not today or tomorrow or next month or next year, but they are adding up. One day, it’s all going to sneak up on you, and your bank account won’t be able to help at all.

The “Hustle” Is Not Sustainable

Of course, you’re familiar with the concept of hustling. Not the 1970s version where you’re out on the street, but the modern version where you sacrifice sleep and weekends and time with family to pour all your energy into your business. If you aren’t physically in front of someone, you’re on the laptop. If you’re out and about, your mobile device is glued to your hand and you’re tweeting or replying to emails or whatever else you need to get done to win the race.

Now, hard work and patience and persistence are all virtues that will get you what you want in life, but this version of hustling just isn’t sustainable. You’ll either burn out before you end up breaking through to the next level, or your life will be so horribly out of balance it will affect your personal relationships and your health.

Treat Your Body Like Part of Your Business

The key is to start treating your body as if it is a critical part of your business, because it is. And that includes your mental and emotional health, too. To put it bluntly, if you don’t have your health, you are fucked. You won’t be able to create that new business, scale your current one, return emails, network, show up for speaking engagements, or anything else that’s required to get ahead.

You need to start balancing out your time to include regular movement, muscle toning and flexibility, adequate nutrition and other facets of a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips you can use: 

  • Get to the gym or workout at home first thing in the morning and stick to a schedule

  • Pick a sport or activity you love and start taking classes (mine is martial arts)

  • Get a step counting app on your smartphone and aim for 10,000 steps per day

  • Visit an RMT once every couple weeks for a massage to keep your muscles loose

  • Look into office desks and chairs that are ergonomically correct

  • Start reading a book that’s purely for pleasure

  • Take up meditation or visualization exercises to clear your mind each day and reach your goals faster

  • Consider adding yoga to your weekly routine to stay flexible

  • Set aside specific family time each week and stick to the schedule

Making these kinds of changes will address various physical and mental issues that are an inevitable part of the digital lifestyle. They will help keep your body, your mind and your business strong. 

Adding Fuel to the Fire

It should be mentioned that while the “use it or lose it” concept with regard to moving your body is certainly valid, many health professionals claim that nutrition plays a far greater role in overall health. Things like elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, visceral fat and your energy levels can all be manipulated through diet, but you need to get on board.

For many modern day hustlers, eating seems to be more of an afterthought than anything else. The choices are often what’s quick and convenient, and that usually means something with little to no nutritional value. I’m not going to show you a big list of foods you should eat to stay healthy and energized because you already know what they are.

The key is to start thinking of your body and your health as an integral part of your business and then take the appropriate actions. Smoothies and freshly made juices are a good way to add concentrated nutrients quickly and easily, and they should be a big part of your daily routine if you’re busy and on the go.

Naturally, there are many different ways to create balance and keep your body and mind functioning at a high level while growing your business; you just need to find the formula that works best for you. The main message here is don’t take it for granted because you will be of no use to anyone if you’re dead!

If you think outsourcing your content needs will help free up some valuable time to focus more on your body and mind as part of the business, feel free to get in touch with The Content Company today and we can go over your options.

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