Introducing Our New 5-Point Content Clean-Up Service!


Let’s be honest, the quality level of much of the written content out there these days leaves a lot to be desired. In short, it stinks…but it doesn’t have to.

As a complement to our industry-leading content creation, we’ve now added a professional editing service that will take your existing blog posts and web pages and get them ready for prime time!


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What’s Included in Our Content Clean-up Service?


We will go through your blog post or web page and perform a professional 5-point clean-up service that includes:

1 – Grammar & Spelling: We will make sure the punctuation is right and all the words are spelled correctly and in the proper tense.

2 – Overall Engagement: We will inspect the content to ensure it is written conversationally and targeted to the buyer persona.

3 – Word Usage: We will change or remove awkward words and phrases to create a better flow.

4 – Alignment with the Title: Does the post or page stay on topic from start to finish? We will correct any issues if it has gone off course.

5 – Keywords and Hyperlinks: We will add up to 2 new keywords and 2 hyperlinks provided by you, if desired. (We will aim for a keyword density of around 1%)


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Here’s How It Works


1 - You purchase the number of pages / posts you need cleaned up on our order page.

2 – You transfer the content of the pages you need cleaned up into Google Docs.

3 – Share the links to those docs in the order brief you get on the Thank You page. (Make sure they are all-access so we can get to them)

4 – We will return your cleaned-up docs to you in 10 business days in a Google Drive folder.


Who Needs Our 5-Point Content Clean-up Service?


This service is perfect for:

  • Business owners who love to write their own blog posts and web pages, but engaging, SEO writing isn’t their superpower
  • Older content that is getting stale and needs to be freshened up
  • Content that’s been created by a writer whose first language isn’t English
  • Digital agencies that want to spruce up a new client’s site but don’t want to re-do the whole thing
  • Older blog posts that could use new keywords and hyperlinks
  • AI-created content that has contextual issues and needs some help


What this service DOES NOT include: 

Please note, this is an editing and clean-up service, and does not include the following:

  • Additional topic research
  • Additional word count / sections


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