We know you may not be used to this kind of process, but we want to change what you’ve come to expect when ordering your content, after all, if we aren’t changing the way things are done, what is the point right?

1 – Ordering Your Content

Each month, you simply send in your content order to one of our team members. The team member will let you know they have seen it and when to expect it back in your hands. 

2 – Assign It

Once your order is received, your Account Manager  will assign it to the most appropriate writer.  That’s right, WE assign your piece, not a robot or worse yet, a wild wild west of thousands of writers fighting over your project.  We just don’t think that kind of project management works.

3 – Editing

Once your content is finished up by one of our amazing writers, it goes back to QA, our copy editor.  Once they have it, they first put it through 2 grammar and spelling check programs, then it goes through human eyes.  These steps are critical to the quality of the pieces we put back into your hands.

4 – Delivery

Once we are satisfied with your content, we hand it back to you in a dedicated Google Drive Folder.  We guarantee a 10 business day delivery of your content. You will be notified that your content is ready to go and that is where you can download it. 

5 – Revisions

Once we deliver your content, it’s time to make sure we hit it out of the park.  There is a window for this of course. You will have 5 business days to take advantage of our FREE UNLIMITED revisiotns, after that, we will have a $25.00 REVISION FEE (per round).

PLEASE NOTE: The Content Company has no rights to any of the content it creates for any client we work with.  We simply white label all the content and deliver it to you.  The content created is the property of the client.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to claim your first FREE sample.

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