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One of the enduring symbols of online marketing success has got to be the Ebook. Somewhere in between a well-crafted long-form blog post and a white paper, the Ebook has established itself as a potent force with numerous benefits for any company. Yes, Ebooks are wonderful little platforms for reading the latest sci-fi novel, but when used in the online marketing arena, their true power is unleashed.

Here are some of the benefits of writing Ebooks for your business:

Laser Focused

Due to the fact that Ebooks can be quite a bit shorter than a regular offline book, you have the opportunity to narrow your focus. You can write a more detailed account of one specific piece of a process, concept, product or service that will help achieve your goals that much more efficiently.


Without a physical product to buy and the lower costs associated with producing an Ebook, they are more affordable which is a huge benefit if you are selling your Ebook. The digital nature of the product allows you to set whatever price you want, and modify it as part of other promotions or to boost sales.

Great List-Building Tool

Generating leads and list building are two goals that can easily be accomplished with a good Ebook. Most of us have exchanged our email addresses for an Ebook we thought would be interesting, probably many times. It is a proven method for creating email lists that you can market to over and over into the future.

Builds Trust & Authority

A well-written Ebook or two can help you to become an authority in your industry. People can share them, use them as a reference and in the process grow the perception of your company as the go-to source for whatever your Ebook happens to be about. It will also help you build trust with the very people you want as long-term customers, which is always important.

Why Choose Us?

Experience, expertise and affordability are three reasons you should choose The Content Company to create your next Ebook. Our team of Ebook writers will take your vision and make it a reality, always with the end result in mind. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • High-quality, professional Ebooks
  • Consistency
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional structure and tone
  • Smooth, uncomplicated process
  • Respect for your deadlines
  • Competitive pricing

Every company should have at least one Ebook out there to add to their online marketing mix, or further establish their authority. If you’d like to ensure the Ebook you produce represents your company the way you want, book a Free Consultation today to go over the possibilities.

Ebook FAQ

Here are some common questions about writing Ebooks for quick reference that will give you a better idea of what they are and why you should consider using them.

Q: What is an Ebook?

A: An Ebook is simply an electronic version of a book that is read on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It can be either fiction or non-fiction and cover any topic under the sun.

Q: How long should an Ebook be?

A: The real answer is “as long as it needs to be”. Once you set your goal for the Ebook and know what you want it to accomplish, then the page count will end up being as many as you need to get the job done. Ebooks can range from a few pages to hundreds of pages.

Q: Can I write my own Ebook?

A: Like with any form of content, of course you can write your own Ebook. The question to ask is whether you have the necessary writing and marketing skills to write an effective Ebook and get the outcome you want.

Q: What should my Ebook be about?

A: It can be about anything, but if it’s for marketing purposes, you should come up with a topic and use along with your marketing team. Do you want to create a reference guide for future customers? Is it going to be more B2B? Is it describing just one product or service? Figure out the ‘why’ and you should be able to find a topic.

Q: Why should I outsource Ebook writing?

A: You should consider outsourcing your Ebook writing for the same reason you should consider outsourcing any service to an expert. A professional Ebook writing service has the combination of writing skills and marketing know-how to help you reach your goals.

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