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The concept of the press release has been around forever, but since the popularity of the internet exploded, it has taken on a whole new meaning. Once reserved for the “newspaper people”, anyone can now write a press release online, not that just anyone should write one.

Keys to Effective Press Release Writing

Typically reserved for making important announcements or declarations, press release writing is all about being clear and concise. You only have a short space to get your message across, and it’s imperative to remain focused and not venture off track during the process.

Just like with any content writing, press releases must be engaging, starting with an eye-catching headline. Unlike content such as blog posts or web pages, this is the time to be self-serving and tell the world your exciting news. Within the press release, you need critical stats like times, dates, sales figures, or whatever is relevant to your big news.

Why You May Need a Press Release

Why do you need professional press release writing? There could be many different reasons. Press releases make sense for a business that is:

  • Announcing a new location
  • Reporting record sales figures
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Partnering with another organization
  • Hiring new executives
  • Hosting or attending an important event

The reasons can go on and on, but the fact remains if your press release isn’t written correctly, it won’t have nearly the effect you want.

Why Work with The Content Company?

We have experience writing online press releases covering a wide range of different topics and exciting announcements. No matter what you need to say, our team of writers will create a press release that makes everyone take notice.

When you work with The Content Company, you can expect:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • Focused press releases that communicate clearly
  • A smooth, simple ordering and delivery process
  • Respect for your deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Competitive pricing

Why settle for a press release that isn’t going to attract the people you want to take notice? For expert press release writers that you can trust with your important announcements, Contact Us at The Content Company today.

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