Product Descriptions

With close to 80% of the North American population shopping online these days, product descriptions are more important than ever. If your business includes e-commerce, then you are competing with scores of other online retailers, which means you need every advantage to close the sale.

It’s not just good enough to drive traffic to your website and assume everyone is going to buy. In fact, you can do everything right when it comes to sales funnels and SEO and have your prospect right there hovering over the ‘Buy Now’ button, only to lose interest because of your poor product description.

Here are some key features of a good product description, and why The Content Company is a great choice to help you guide your customers through to making that purchase.

Know Thy Customers

Every effective product description got that way because the person writing it had a deep understanding of the customer. You can call it a buyer persona or a target audience, but whatever term you use, if you don’t know what motivates them your product descriptions will suffer.

Clarity Is Key

A good product description must be clear and concise; so there can be no way to misinterpret anything about the product. You only have a short window to describe the features of your product, so make it all crystal clear.

It’s Still About Benefits

Even though the it’s crucial to include the features of your product in every product description, don’t forget that people still take action based on what the product will do for them. That’s not to say you should be crafting a sales letter for each product description, but remember that people buy for benefits.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

Every piece of relevant information should be included in your product descriptions, and it’s important not to leave anything out. If it’s available in five different colors, if it’s made with natural ingredients, if there is a money-back guarantee; every detail is important and will help give shoppers a full picture of what they are getting should they choose to buy.

Why Choose The Content Company?

Don’t make the mistake of leaving this last piece of the e-commerce puzzle to chance. It’s easy to jot down a few points about each product, or leave it and let the images do the selling for you, but your sales will suffer as a result. Let The Content Company handle your product descriptions and get these exciting benefits:

  • Increased engagement
  • Clear, concise product descriptions
  • Attention to detail
  • Smooth, uncomplicated process
  • Respect for your deadlines
  • Competitive pricing

If you’ve been getting more bounces than click-throughs for your e-commerce efforts, your product descriptions may be the culprits. Get in touch with us today for a Free Consultation and we can discuss how The Content Company can help.

Product Description FAQ

Here are some common questions about product descriptions that you can use for quick reference:

Q: Why are product descriptions important?

A: Product descriptions are important because they are often the last thing standing between your prospect and a sale. They have the power to draw a customer in or turn them away, so it’s important to get them right.

Q: What should be included in a product description?

A: Every piece of relevant information about the product that could influence the buying decisions should be included. This includes physical attributes, special features, benefits to the customer’s life, sale information, how they might use it, guarantees, etc.

Q: Can a product description have too much information?

A: Deep and relevant is good, but it’s always possible to go too far. People can become intimidated about large blocks of text, or at the least won’t read the last half of what you wrote. If it seems like a lot, cut some out or use bullets to get it all in there.

Q: Do product descriptions matter for SEO?

A: Opinions vary on whether a product description will boost SEO and to what degree, but not having one certainly won’t help. Search engines don’t read images, so adding a description may make them take notice.

Q: Should I outsource product description writing?

A: If you’ve been noticing lacklustre activity on e-commerce pages despite decent traffic, if you dislike writing them yourself or if you really have no idea where to begin, then yes, you should outsource to a reputable product description writing service.

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