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Attention New Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

Does this Sound Like You?

If there is one thing that most new business owners and entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that there isn’t a lot of extra money to go around in the early days of the business, especially for outsourcing content. 

In fact, many new startups don’t have a content budget at all…and this creates a HUGE problem. If you are going to succeed online, it’s crucial that you have a company blog and post to it regularly. And if outsourcing isn’t in the current budget, then you’re left to try it on your own, usually with piss poor results.

As a business that specializes in creating high-quality content, we don’t recommend the DIY approach when it comes to your blog posts, but we also don’t make a habit of arguing with reality.

If you’re in a position where you need to (or want to) write your own blog posts, then we want to help you write the very best blog posts possible and set you up for success!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Killer Blog Posts

Titles / Headlines

Why they are the most important element of your posts

How to create them quickly and efficiently Do’s and don’ts from the experts

Different types of titles that get the best results

Which words to use and which to avoid And more!


What are they?

Why they are critical if you want to appeal to a wide audience

Expert tips on how to write them

How to use them for the best effect


Why they are critical for ranking

How to research keywords effectively

Do’s and don’t for using keywords in your posts

How to fit them into your content so they sound natural


In-depth analysis on the concept of engagement

Why it’s the only thing that really matters

How to write engaging blog posts from start to finish

Why you don’t need to be a “writer” to create compelling blogs

Word Count

Why it matters

What is the ideal?

Secret formula for finding the perfect word count

Appealing to Search Engines & People

Why it’s critically important to appeal to both

How to write for both and still make it sound natural

Different Styles of Blogs

We’ll cover the various types of blogs

When to use which one for the best effect

Finding Good Blog Topics

Tips for finding topics your audience will love

Where to find good topics when you think you’ve covered everything

Grammar and Spelling

Is it still important in modern blog posts?

Some tools and tips that can help if this is a trouble spot for you


How often should you post?


Where to share and how to share to get the most mileage out of each post

A Long List of Exciting Benefits

As you can see, this guide is more like comprehensive training for blog writers than a shallow ebook with some tips and tricks to help you get by. Some of the benefits of having “The Content Company's Complete Blog Writing Guide” as your training manual include:

Specialized, in-depth training for all facets of blog writing

All the info you need in one convenient place

Save thousands of dollars from not having to outsource

Come up with killer titles and ideas quickly

Create a writing schedule and stick to it

Rank better in search engines for your chosen keywords Improve online exposure for your business

Boost conversions

Communicate more effectively with your target audience

Share the information with team members

Delegate blog writing duties to other members of the team

Take turns creating new blog posts with your partners

Create a “first-rate” perception about your business

Help build your brand

Add valuable content to all your social media channels

More relevant backlinks to your website

And more!

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