5 Important Benefits of Blog Writing Companies

April 05, 2017

More and more these days, the task of writing blog posts is outsourced to blog writing companies. If you’re still not on the “high-quality content is King” bandwagon, then you are likely looking up at many of your competitors who are. There’s no disputing the fact that to be considered an expert by search engines, there must be useful and relevant content on your website, and it must be added on a consistent basis.

Managers and Marketing Directors of SEO companies and Inbound agencies certainly understand the importance of providing regular content for their clients, and they too have begun seeking out blog writing companies to get the job done. Here are five benefits that will have you thinking the same way.

1 – Saves on Overhead

Just imagine, you are leading a team at a successful SEO, or digital marketing agency and your client list keeps on growing. You may start out with a handful, then as word of your prowess filters out, more and more clients want your help, too. If you try to manage a team of in-house writers to handle all of this content you will have greater control, but the overhead will quickly get out of hand. Busy digital marketing firms can produce hundreds or even thousands of pieces of content per month, meaning more desks, computers, heating or cooling costs, benefits packages, etc. for all those writers. 

2 – You Won’t Have to Manage Writers

So, you have the overhead problem licked by making the decision to hire freelance writers. Everywhere you turn these days; there are eager freelancers ready to make a living from home. Using freelance writers for your agency will remove the overhead issue, but you still have to manage all of those writers and the element of control you enjoyed in-house will be lessened.

You will have to create a team of dependable freelance writers, and teach them about the way you like things done. You will need to seek them out when you have new projects, assign the projects, hope they are returned by the due date, edit them and then share with your clients, and repeat for every new project that comes in. With a blog writing company, you will only have to share the end result with your clients.

3 – You Can Focus on What You Do Best

Most digital marketing firms or inbound agencies are experts in things like search engine optimization, creating overall strategies, pay-per-click advertising, conversion optimization, etc. They definitely have to plan, organize and distribute content, but content creation is not the specialty. By outsourcing the creation aspect to blog writing companies, you can focus on what you do best for even greater results.

4 – Helps Streamline the Work Process

Any good Marketing Manager knows that efficiency lies in the process. With an online agency or SEO company, there should be a dedicated workflow that must be followed every single month. One of the challenges of those in charge is finding ways to streamline the process for greater efficiency. When you use blog writing companies for your content creation, it helps to streamline your workflow and improve overall quality. 

5 – They Specialize in Writing Blogs

Perhaps the most relevant reason to try a blog writing company for content creation is that they specialize in writing blogs. Just as you have streamlined your work process, a blog writing company has streamlined theirs, and they know what goes into writing a high-quality post. If your goal is to provide the best results and experience to your clients, then using the services of a company that specializes in writing blog posts just makes sense.

At The Content Company, we have created thousands of blog posts for a wide range of industries, and the numbers keep growing every month. If you’d like to discuss our blog writing process and find out how we can help to improve yours, give us a call at 888.221.5041 today.

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