Tony Robbins Business Mastery…My Journey Begins Now!

March 22, 2017

Yep, I am one of the thousands of business people who subscribe to the Tony Robbins method of personal and professional development…and I am finally putting my money where my mouth is.

How did I arrive at spending the 5 figures it will cost when all is said and done? Let me share it with you.

Why Did I Feel The Need For This? 

Any business owner who is at least somewhat aware of themselves, knows that at some point, they need the help of someone who is more skilled and experienced than they are.  Yes, a coach.

We are in our 4th year at The Content Company. Quite a milestone right? Sure, we have surpassed many start ups in longevity, but that isn’t where my mind lives.  Am I proud of what we have done thus far, you bet your ass I am.  Do I think we have a long way to go, we sure do. At the start of this, I would have been happy to get us to this point, but to stay at this point? It’s not an option.

When I took a look at our company, I felt something pretty strong.  I felt some panic, some pride, but mostly I felt,  “It’s Time To Get Your Ass In High Gear”.

Basically, I knew I needed a kick in the ass.

Here’s What I Did

I started to research, a lot! I used to make decisions more quickly when I was younger.  To the point where I would make some poor decisions.  This was going to be different.  I was going to take my time. I began my search for the coach of all coaches about 18 months before my final commitment was made to Tony Robbins.

I looked at several other programs, they all had similar investments and some great results.

I looked at the following:

  • Strategic Coach

  • Client Attraction Business School, now called BoldHeart

  • EOS

Each had some incredible things to offer, but in the end, I felt that Business Mastery was the right choice for me.

Why? Because, I trust him.  His brand is strong, his presence is strong, and I know that if I don’t do what I set out to do this year, it’s no ones fault but my own.

I can’t blame someone who has done this a bajillion times and say, “Ya, that shit doesn’t work”.  It will be me that fails not the program.  Period.  And that is the kind of certainly I needed.

How It Works…What I Know So Far

I have had an intro call with my coach as well as the first of 6 official coaching sessions that come with the event package I registered for. 

So, you basically get 6 sessions, online literature, webinars, and some additional material for the event itself.

The MAIN thing is the 5 days spent in Vegas this summer.  It’s full immersion, of course it is…it’s Tony Robbins style learning after all.

I don’t really know what to expect, but I know it will be amazing.

I also know I’m shit scared too…if I wasn’t scared, I’d be worried to be honest.

What Am I Scared Of?

Failure? Success? Complacency? Yep, all of the above.

I hate being still.  Lately, I have felt still and it’s driving me crazy.

My fear is being still and missing out on opportunities for our company.  I know what we have is a gift. I know we are amazing at what we do and how we do it. We have passion for content creation and it shows!

We came together at the right time and have the right combo of skills to continue to dominate our space.

Sometimes that is a difficult place to be in.  We know so many Digital Agencies and SEO companies need us to help their clients create incredible content that that in itself can be overwhelming.

So many people, so little time as they say.  And that is when you can become paralyzed.

What Do I Hope For From This? 

I want to get control back of how we grow.  We grow at a very steady pace, but I would love to have more control over how that goes.

We adore our clients, we love them so hard they can’t leave us…think Fatal Attraction kind of love (just kidding…maybe).

We want more of that kind of client, the ones who “get us” as much as we “get them”.

I want more process in place.  That’s a BIG one.  I am a “big picture” thinker who needs process.  I can get anxious if that doesn’t happen, only now, we are the ones who need to come up with that process.  I hope to have some new ideas on that.

I want to grow, and fast.

In 146 days, I will be in a roomful of thousands of business owners who’ve all got the same fears and aspirations as I do…it will be like being in a giant roomful of your peers with your clothes off having to answer to the biggest critic of all, YOU.  No hiding behind belief systems anymore, no hiding behind, “If I only had a coach”.  Nope, that shit can’t happen in that kind of environment and that alone, is one of the most exciting things I have felt about this journey.

I will update the blog here as things progress.

I have coaching every few weeks leading up to the event and will post about each session after I have it. 

Now, I know a couple people who are going to Vegas for this…if you have an interest in going etc, let me know and I will introduce you to the people who can coordinate a first call to give you some info.

No strings attached.  It took me almost a year to sign with my Business Development Manager, he was very helpful and patient with me too.

Wish me luck!

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